History of the Jeans Pants

History of the Jeans Pants

Jeans is the top of popular fashion in the world. Jeans is also very comfortable clothing in any work place. Jeans was first used in England. And it is named in Italy. The word jeans comes from the French word Jean Fustian, Jean Fustian was a twill fabric made from cotton that originated in the Italian city of Genia. These Jesuit Fustian pants were worn by sailors in the city of Genoa. Thus the name is abbreviated to short from jeans. We all wear jeans but we don’t know the history behind it. When and how did these jeans originate, how did they get so much popularity?

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At that time, jeans were like a pajama outfit. The Italian jeans of that time were dyed with natural indigo dye. This was dark blue. Later, the market for jeans grew, especially under the influence of the western culture of Hollywood cinema. Jeans became a symbol of youth in the fifties after World War II. Then the use of jeans spread very fast among people.
At first jeans were made from a mixture of different fabrics. Next time, jeans are made from cotton. Then in the eighteenth century the amount of cotton cultivation increased. When newly born made of cotton jeans. The jeans fabric was quite sturdy and easy to dye. Let’s find out the history of jeans.

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Gold mines were discovered in California in 1800. Then it was called Gold Mine. And then the influx of people to California began to happen slowly in the lure of this gold mine. At that time in San Francisco he opened a German shop called Bourne Lewib Strauss. In Germany they had a family cloth business. Opens a branch of business in San Francisco. He borrowed his old name before coming to America. German tailor Jacob Davis used to go to his shop regularly. Davis also set foot in America in search of fortune.

Jacob used to make pants for the workers in the gold mine with nil thick cloth and that blue thick cloth was from Livai’s shop. Jacob noticed that the workers’ pants were coming close to their waists and tearing at their pockets. Then Jacob changed the design of the pants and came up with a design that made it easier to tear the pants. If the copper ‘rivet’ sheet is attached to the pocket in a small way, then the place will not get stuck in any way.

As a result, those pants will last for a long time and will also save the pockets of the workers. The color of the pants was dark blue so it would not get dirty easily. Jacob’s pants were then very popular among the workers. Jacob and Levi Strauss then co-founded a company they named Levi Strauss & Co.

Their pants were patented on May 20, 183 by Levi Strauss & Co. In 180, Levi Strauss opened a separate company for himself. By the 1890s, his company’s jeans were gaining popularity in the United States. Now there is nothing to say! Levi’s Denim West jeans spread across America by the 1920s. Now these ‘denim waste’ jeans are ruling the whole world. Jeans became an elite fashion outfit in the 1970s. The famous designers of that time gave different looks to the jeans panties. As a result, jeans have become the best-selling clothing of today. And the main supplier of these jeans is China.

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